Terrain: Taxes (Expansion)

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Terrain: Taxes is an expansion for the tile-laying game Terrain (and is not a standalone product).

Taxes introduces Villages, Tax Collectors and Gold to the game of Terrain. Villages gain gold as land tiles are placed, players move their tax collectors between villages trying to grab taxes before each other and often sharing in the loot.

At the end of the game, the gold that the player has taxed adds to their score!

It all sounds simple and the rules are! On your turn you may either place a village (until each land type has 1 village), move your tax collector (to any space on the board) or, if your tax collector is already in a village tax any gold from that space (sharing it with any other tax collectors in the village). Sounds easy but there’s a lot of thought that goes into deciding what to do with your taxes action each turn!

When a village is placed on a tile it comes loaded with a number of gold equal to the number of tiles on the map, of that land type. Once placed, every time a tile of that type is now laid another gold coin is added to the village.

Placing villages and tax collectors can also add to the strategy. Secret/scoring tiles can only be placed onto an empty tile, so a village or tax collector stops the terrain tile they are on from being empty… Therefore, especially in the advanced game they can be used to block players wishing to join or split regions.

Taxes may be played as part of a basic or advanced game of terrain and adds about 5-10 minutes per player to a game.

Taxes is designed to be compatible with future expansions for Terrain.

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