Greasy Spoon (P’n’P)

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Greasy spoon is a fast-paced, intense time and resource management game, set in a busy food court. Run a cafe, feed your customers, grab the ingredients before your competitors.. but don't waste anything if you can help it!

1-4 players, 15 mins/player, ages 7+.

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Greasy spoon is a fast paced game of time and resource management. Customers are streaming into the player’s cafes and they need feeding!
Choose your ingredients wisely, they cook at different speeds and you’ll need them ready at the right time to feed your hungry customers..

Each turn the dealer chooses which customers go to which cafes, then players select ingredients from the supply, ingredients are then cooked – slowly moving across the player’s boards. Food that is in the ready to serve area can be used to feed the customers.

Hurry – you’ve only got three tables and the customers will keep on coming!

Greasy spoon comes with two different boards, a standard board and an easy board (for younger players) which may be mixed and matched.
To up the heat in the kitchen – why not time player’s turns – limit them to 30 seconds for an even more intense game!!!!

1-4 players, 15 mins/player, ages 7+.


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