Constarlations (P’n’P)

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Print and Play game where players play cards to arrange stars into secret patterns.

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In Constarlations each player has a secret pattern card that shows which pattern they must arrange stars into on the board. Players use action cards on their turn to add, remove, move and swap stars on the board but watch out for the Black Hole which will clear the board of ALL stars!

A player may use any colour stars (even their opponents) to score their pattern, but all the stars in the pattern must be the same colour.

Once a player has scored a pattern card they can choose another. There are three difficulties of pattern card, giving 1, 2 or 3 points when they are completed. When a pile of pattern cards runs out the winner is the player with most points from their completed patterns. The more complicated patterns require certain board spaces to be empty as well as having the stars in the right pattern, so lots to think about!

Because players can score during their opponents turn you should watch what the other players are doing carefully. A game lasts about 10 minutes per player.

Constarlations will be published in North America later this year under a different name – watch out for a press release in the near future..

Note: there is a low-ink and also a full colour version of the game files – depending on your preference.


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