Chasing Rocks (P’n’P)

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Fly your ship, investigate asteroids, drill resources and deliver them for points.. Don't forget to upgrade your ship to keep up with your opponents and remember to invest in the big corporations working out in Space, dividends can make big payouts..

Chasing Rocks is a turn based strategy game for 3-6 players, ages 10+ and takes about 90 minutes to play.

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Chasing Rocks is a game of asteroid mining in the near future. Space between Mars and Jupiter (the asteroid belt) has been deemed “Intermittently Claimable” enabling any country or company to claim the space around them up to a distance of 2Km. Private companies operate spacecraft within the belt, scanning asteroids for useful minerals and mining these. These minerals can be sold to the larger corporations who are out to exploit the new, final frontier’s resources for sale back on Earth.

Player take the role of the small private companies, each operating a spacecraft and mining asteroids in the belt. Players also have the chance to invest in the larger corporations paying their salary to recoup some of the success they are helping these larger players achieve. As the game progresses players may upgrade their ships to fly farther, scan further, drill more and deliver ever bigger loads.

When the game ends the player who as delivered the most ore, explored the most asteroids and invested the most wisely will be the winner.

Chasing Rocks is for 3-6 players, 90 mins, ages 10+.

(Note: this game is still in final development and so rules may be subject to change)
(A 2-player and solo variant are in development/test)


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