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Welcome to North and South Games

We are a games design company with a mission to design fun, family-friendly game for players of all ages. We want to bridge the gap between the simple roll-and-move board games of UK toy-stores and the more complicated Euro and Hobby games popular elsewhere in the world.

Our games take simple mechanics and use them to create games of skill and strategy that are easy to learn and fun to play.

Designed to be accessible to all age groups and abilities, our games enable anyone and everyone to play together .

By including simple and advanced versions of rules, handicapped scorings methods and simple variants and expansions, our games can be tailored to the players. Never more than an hour long (and sometimes only 5 or 10 minutes!) they’re great for trips out, rainy days or a few minutes waiting for a train or bus!

Please browse the site and have a look at our range of games.

You can find free print & play versions, which you can download and print out yourself to try.

You can order copies of our games directly from us at great prices.

We also have lots of useful materials and components for games developers or just someone looking to create their own game from an idea they’ve had. Check out our shop for lots of different wooden and plastic bits at really low prices.

Finally we have 3D printing capabilities, so if you need a model or component printing out get in touch – again we offer low rates and can even do simple design work.

Thanks for stopping by and please get in touch with any questions or comments.

New P’n’P game added – Chasing Rocks

Chasing Rocks is a boardgame set in the Asteroid Belt. Players fly their spacecraft around the asteroids scanning them for useful resources to deliver to the waiting corporations,based around the edge of the belt on Space-stations, who have contracts waiting to be...

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