A game of bluffing, luck and landscapes where players place tiles to create a map. Group similar types of terrainĀ can score points for players and the most points at the end of the game wins.. Sounds simple but if you’re collecting a particular type of landscape you don’t want other people to know what it is you’re collecting, so place cunningly!

Terrain has a simple version where players collect a secret type of landscape from the start and add tiles to the edge of the map until all 60 are placed.

Terrain also has a more advanced version where players play “hands” of tiles over several rounds. Each round they choose which landscape to score points with, which may end up being the same as other players..

In each game the player’s have one or more “secret” tiles which may be placed on top of existing map tiles to change the lie of the land and connect or break-up regions of similar tiles.

Terrain contains 60 wooden hexagons with colourful illustrations and expansions are planned to add more variety and depth.

2-5 Players, 10 minutes/player, Ages 5+

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