A card game of memory, deduction and murder!

You are Gangster Teddies who have stolen the safe from Bearings Bank and got it back to your secret lair. The combination to the safe is made up of numbers and colours and each of you knows one number and one colour of the code.

Because you are Greedy Gangster Teddies, you don’t want to share the loot, you each want it for yourself! So it’s decided, you’ll have a shoot-out and the last bear standing takes ALL the lolly.. You’re safe until someone knows your part of the combination but once they do, you’re expendable.

Fortunately you are all Honest Greedy Gangster Teddies and so if asked a question, you will always tell the truth. So the rules are, ask the bear to your left a colour and number combination, if either (or both parts) are correct they’ll say “YES” and it becomes their turn to ask a question. If neither colour or number match their code they’ll say “NO” and the same question will get asked to the next bear on the left, and so on until someone says “YES” or the question reaches the first player. If this is the case they get to ask another question.

This continues, try and remember what was asked and who answered what and eventually you should be able to work out some of your rivals codes… If you think you do, then on your go you can get out your gun (well, two fingers), point them at a Teddy, tell them what their Colour and Number are.. if you get it right, you pull the trigger and they’re out – have another turn.. if you get it wrong? Well then they draw first, you’re out and your cards are laid out on the table for all to see..

3-6 players, 10 minutes, Ages 8+


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