RPSB is a 2-4 player abstract strategy game taking only a few minutes to learn and ten minutes to play. The players strategically place their tiles (either Rock, Paper, Scissor or Dynamite) onto the board until only the centre square remains empty. Players then take turns moving tiles of their colour to make towers (which are worth points) at the end of the game. They may move their tile/tower onto any adjacent tile/tower (including diagonally) as long as:

1. The space is not empty

2. The tile/tower moved either wins, or draws in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors

For example, a red Rock could move onto another Rock (a draw), or onto a Scissors (a win), but not onto Paper (as Rock loses to Paper) or Dynamite. Dynamite is a special piece which beats all other pieces (including other dynamite) and also removes tiles from the game.

A tower is just a stack of two or more tiles. Towers are owned by the player using the topmost tile, and move in the same way as that tile. So using the above example if a Red Rock moved onto Yellow’s Scissors it would for a tower, belonging to Red and moving as a Rock.

The taller a tower gets the more points it is worth, if it can survive till the end of the game..

Dynamite beats all other tiles and also destroys the tile/tower it lands on – all pieces are removed (including the dynamite) from the game and an empty space is left.

In a 2 player game, each player uses all 12 of their tiles, with three players they must choose 8 to place and in four players they only get to place 6.

So make your towers tall, keep them safe from your opponent’s dynamite and blow your opponents towers into oblivion!

There are also various optional rules to enable balanced play between older and more experienced players and those who are younger or less experienced. A great way for younger players to learn simple strategies and planning without having to worry how different pieces move in different ways.

2-4 Players, age 7+, 10-20 minutes

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